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Our strategy

Actions on Strategic Issues

1. Code of Professional Practice
a. (Objective) To promote a high level of media professionalism and ethical conduct amongst the associates of AbRMedia by encouraging the adoption and
implementation of the code of Professional Conduct.
i. (Action) The Code of Professional Practice should be included as attachment with the first introduction of AbRMedia.
ii. (Action) Make the Code of Professional Practice a training consideration when we plan training events.
2. Key cities.
a. (Objective) To identify the key cities in Africa and develop a database of where Christian radio exists and where it needs to be strengthened or started.
i. (Action) Steering Committee members shall review the AbRMedia list of existing stations on a regular basis and provide updates to the secretariat to maintain
the accuracy of the database.
ii. (Action) The subject will be an agenda item at each AbRMedia Steering Committee meetings.

b. (Objective) To facilitate the sharing of programmes, programming ideas and strategies as well as concepts appropriate to city dwellers.
i. (Action) Steering Committee members shall share new information when it becomes available with the AbRMedia network.
ii. (Action) Conduct long term research to identify issues unique to urban areas to equip associates to address them in their context eg environmental issues of
cities are different to rural issues.

c. (Objective) To identify opportunities to establish radio stations in key cities.
i. (Action) AbRMedia will act as a catalyst to empower and equip the local Church and other partners to fulfill their vision.

3. Data base / networking
a. (Objective) To develop and maintain databases on unreached people groups, program languages, strategic cities and Christian radio stations and major production
houses in Africa and share the information among AbRMedia associates.
i. (Action)All Steering Committee members are responsible to feed relevant information for inclusion in the database.

4. “Giants” of Africa: Poverty/unemployment, HIV/AIDS, sexism, tribalism, violence, family in crisis, crime and corruption, greed, and environment.
a. (Objective) To encourage the AbRMedia associates to address these social issues by developing relevant programming and share effective strategies.
i. (Action) Encourage all stations and production houses to produce more relevant programs and share their experiences and strategies in addressing these
giants including programs that deal relevantly with social issues.

5. Prayer network
a. (Objective) To stimulate the sharing of prayer needs within the AbRMedia network.
i. (Action) Steering Committee members and AbRMedia associates submit prayer concerns to the secretariat. A prayer bulletin will be distributed quarterly to all
Steering Committee members and to available associates addresses.

6. Training
a. (Objective) To promote and facilitate training and development that will lead to a new level of excellence in broadcasting. We recognize Africa Media Trainers (AMT)
as a major facilitator.
i. (Action) Promote the necessity for training to move towards excellence in broadcasting. (All Steering Committee members)
ii. Directly involve credible training providers (eg. Africa Media Trainers in recognized areas of training needs.)
7. Joint planning
a. (Objective) To discuss strategic issues and formulate a strategic framework for Africa and update it on an annual basis.
i. (Action) Implement what we have done so far. (All Steering Committee members)

b. (Objective) To facilitate the sharing of relevant operational information in order to avoid duplication and promote cooperation and coordination.
i. (Action) Prepare to share information at the annual AbRMedia Steering Committee meetings. (All Steering Committee members)

c. (Objective) To encourage cooperation and coordination at the regional and local levels.
i. (Action) Schedule meetings wherever and whenever appropriate. Keep an ongoing e-mail communication. (All Steering Committee members)

d. (Objective) To assist associates to identify the key elements of an effective project plan.

i. (Action)Define the characteristics of outcomes, outputs and deliverables necessary to evaluate effective projects.

ii. (Action) Share experiences with associates and equip them with planning tools to maximise efficient completion of their projects

8. Unreached people groups
a. (Objective) To research and verify information on people groups unreached by Christian radio.

i. (Action) Steering Committee members shall review the AbRMedia list of existing stations on a regular basis and provide updates to the secretariat to maintain
the accuracy of the database.
ii. (Action) The subject will be an agenda item at each AbRMedia Steering Committee meetings.

b. (Objective) To encourage the major international partners to focus on the remaining unreached languages within Africa and develop a cooperative strategy to finish
the task.
i. (Action) Prioritise according to the information available.

9. Strategic monitoring and action.
a. (Objective) To monitor and be alert to the ever changing context of ministry in Africa to develop relevant strategies.
i. (Action) Steering Committee members will keep in contact and inform each other when they become aware of any critical change on the continent.
ii. Discuss possible joint partnerships to implement revised strategies.

10. AbR Media communication
a. (Objective) To standardise documentation about AbRMedia and disseminate it to all our existing contacts.
i. (Action) Develop and implement consistent formatting of documents that identifies them as official AbRMedia communication.

b. (Objective) To utilize existing regional and local forums to promote participation in AbRMedia.
i. (Action) Steering Committee members take responsibility to promote AbRMedia at any relevant regional or local forums they attend or are aware of.
11) Radio and Church/Mission
a) (Objective) Act as a catalyst for the Church to engage and integrate with communities around them, using media to fulfill its mandate of making disciples.
i) (Action) Train church leaders and missionaries (associates) on how to use media to assist them in reaching those who do not know Jesus.
ii) (Action) Provide a clearing house of training opportunities for those ministries interested in using media as part of their outreach strategy.
iii) (Action) Link associates to AbR Media members with expertise in media ministry so that the associates are able to deliver results from their media projects.

Africa by Radio Executive meeting
Nairobi, 29 – 30 November 2004.
Revised AbR Steering Committee Meeting
Lome, 14-16 September, 2010.
Revised AbR Media Steercom Meeting Kigali, 15 September, 2016.