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Why AbR Media?

At a meeting in Burkina Faso in July/August 2004 a forum of various Christian broadcasters working across Africa, was asked to think in a new way about strategy in Africa . Through discussion they could find ways to co-operate and work together pro-actively so that, with God’s help, the broadcast industry would be maximised at all levels.

The meeting felt a body was needed that would enhance the use of available resources, facilitate strategies, prioritise response to ministry requests and share information. This included developing excellence in all areas of Christian broadcasting and avoiding duplication of effort. At this time Africa by Radio, as a chapter of the World by Radio movement, was agreed upon as an inclusive body that could develop these goals in keeping with the vision and aims of World by Radio. Later, the Vision, Mission Statement, Structure and Values of Africa by Radio were agreed upon.

AbR is a network of associated, equal partners that recognise the role and work of existing local, regional and international media bodies working in Africa. Therefore, mechanisms were established that would allow AbR to be as inclusive as possible in order to involve everyone in the goals of AbR and, together, spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ across Africa, in the most effective manner. Licensed Christian broadcasters, Production Houses, Regional Associations and Christian individuals who subscribe to the Africa by Radio Statement of Faith, Code of Conduct and the Lausanne Covenant may apply to become associates of the Africa by Radio network.

In 2015 Africa by Radio (AbR) decided to change the name to AbR Media in order to be more inclusive of all media.