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Africa Media Trainers

Africa Media Trainers & forum is the recognised training arm of AbR Media. AMT is a network of Christian media trainers active in Africa comprising of various training bodies and individual trainers. AMT promotes and co-ordinates quality training based on the Christian ethos. AMT supports the development of local trainers and course participants following agreed curricula.

The primary purposes of the fund are to support the development and participation of local trainers and course participants following agreed curriculums and to develop the number of skilled broadcasters who are Christians in sub-Saharan Africa. This will be achieved by the provision of grants to support training events, the development and support of African trainers and support for African Christians seeking to enhance and develop their own media skills and proficiency. In disbursing this fund the funding committee will be guided by the AMT priority list for training needs and in addition will be required to follow the policies and procedures for fund disbursal agreed upon by the AMT. These could include:
- Approved trainer qualifications (e.g. ICTI certificate in training and training needs analysis)
- The use of approved course curriculumsCourse evaluation (within the course)
- Direct benefit to local participants or facilitating training by local trainers.
- The level of funding available from other sources and/or locally provided
- An agreed percentage (approximately 10%) of a grant from the fund must be set aside for post course evaluation.

ICTI will initiate evaluation on a regular basis and for that appoint relevant evaluators. Ensuring that a database is maintained in respect of: Trainers, Courses, Location of Training and Participants. The disbursal will, at all times, be conducted in accordance with UK charity law and under the overall direction of the trustees of the International Christian Media Commission Ltd while ICMC holds the funds in trust on behalf of the fund and the AMT.