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Matching the transmitter and the transmission line

If our "impedance" (resistance + own power consumption) exceeds the threshold He has set, then His message to a lost world cannot ring clear

Here is a thought for the day from Chris-Johan Fourie. A "radio" thought !
I was reading this morning about the difference between a normal "co-ax" cable (eg. TV cable) and a radio "transmission line" (the antenna on the tower and the signal feeder cable going from the transmitter (sender) up to it).
In the transmission line the frequencies carried, and power flowing, are vastly greater, with the result that both the feeder cable and the antenna begin to "radiate".
But this cable and antenna have an inherent "impedance" (basic resistance and power loss characteristic). If this is not zero, or exceeds a certain safety threshold, a "reflected wave" will bounce back down the line towards the transmitter. The meeting of this wave with the oncoming message wave will create a "standing wave" like a wall of tsunami water, extremely destructive, which could create serious damage.
Good transmitters protect themselves by reducing or cutting all power to the transmission line.
It is therefore crucial that the transmitter and the transmission line should be "matched". This relationship should also be constantly monitored to prevent future problems.
This made me think of us all (whether as "normal" Christians or as missionaries, we are all proclaimers of God's truth. He is the transmitter (sender) and we are part of His transmission line. If we are not "matched" with Him, one of heart and mind with His will, if our "impedance" (resistance + own power consumption) exceeds the threshold He has set, then His message to a lost world cannot ring clear, as we will create a standing wave, a destructive backlash, a religion, a reflected wave, a dangerous copy, an "anti"-christ.
To preserve the integrity of His Church, God, the Transmitter, must then either reduce, or cut entirely, the power going from Him towards the transmission line (that's you and me) until we have been repaired or replaced.
It is thus imperative upon us to be, and to remain, "matched" with Jesus. More and more like Jesus. Then His message will sound far and wide, clear and undistorted. And we ourselves will "radiate".
Enjoy the day, and the power of Jesus.
Chris-Johan and his wife Jeanette serve as media missionaries in Malawi

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