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Our Vision

AbR Media is a body of Christian media workers unified by an agreed strategy, supporting God’s plan for Africa. We are committed to seeing that every man, woman and child in Africa is provided the opportunity to turn on a radio and hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a way and language they can understand, so they can become responsible members of His Church.

  • Support a strategic framework for African Christian broadcasters with a view to avoiding duplication of effort, encouraging co-operation in proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all Africans;
  • Promote co-ordination on broadcasting issues of a strategic nature;
  • Promote continental networking opportunities for Christian broadcasters;
  • Encourage and support strategic research that will support the Africa by Radio vision;
  • Support the development of an extensive database for empowering Christian broadcasters in their actions;
  • Create and/or promote mechanisms to unify efforts to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ through radio to all Africans;
  • Encourage the development of special radio programmes for specific listener groups of a strategic nature;
  • Promote training and development of Christian broadcasters, acknowledging the role of the Africa Media Trainers network;
  • Develop a prayer network for Christian radio in Africa; - Support the World by Radio vision and mission (Attachment).