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AbR Photo Competition

Africa by Radio is inviting participants in the AbR Continental Convention in Johannesburg (16-18 September 2015) to participate in a Photo competition. Put your camera to action and get yourself a great price!

All delegates to the AbR Continental Convention 2015 are invited to enter our photo competition.

We would like you to take your camera out into your community and photograph the kind of people you are trying to reach through your ministry. These photographs will be displayed in our main meeting area during the convention as a reminder to all of us to keep our listeners in mind as we present the Gospel message.

Please bring the photos to the conference on a memory stick or on your phone and give them to the person at the registration table when you arrive at the convention. We will print them out and display them for everyone to see in the main meeting area. You may bring more than one photograph but only the clearest will be printed.

A prize will be awarded at the convention for the picture that most effectively reminds the judges of the Lord’s great commission to minister to the lost.

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