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Networking among Christian Media in Ethiopia taken to a new level

On the first day of 2015 a new Christian media network was launched in Ethiopia. More than 50 delegates representing Christian media in the fields of radio, TV and literature came together agreeing to form the “Ethiopian Christian Media Network” (ECMN).
Dr. Niguse Tefera was the keynote speaker talking about “The role of Media in social change” and about media ethics. Dr. Tefera has long media experience in various capacities.   A draft constitution or memorandum for the new network was presented and discussed. Because many participants saw the draft for the first time feedback will be allowed for another month before a ratifying meeting will formalize the guidelines.   The network memorandum is formulated to a large extent based on the ethos and principles of Africa by Radio as ECMN aspires to be closely linked to this continent wide network.   Nega Feleke, the Director of Hiyaw Tesfa who has been one of the persons lobbying strongly for a network like this to be formed says that the ECMN initiating committee was very pleased with the outcome of this first meeting.