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Expanding the Vision

I have just come back home from the 2013 Africa by Radio Continental Convention. I am tired but very content. What a great event!
And that is not because the organizers did a good job, but because of all the great people that attended – and the presence of the Holy Spirit. The great spirit of fellowship can’t be attributed to anything else than the fact that the conference was soaked in prayer.   The theme of this year’s convention was “Expanding the Vision”. I truly hope that our vision was expanded. At least did I get some new insights. I got help to see things from a different perspective.   Let me summarize by referring back to my closing address:
  • We learned many practical things. How to do media in new and more effective ways.
  • We were encouraged to focus on the Buffer zone of West Africa (The Sahel region), the Horn of Africa and the Swahili Coast.
  • We were reminded of the Great Commission of Jesus Christ to “make disciples”, that is followers of Jesus, as well as leaders with integrity in order to transform this continent.
  • We were challenged to pursue Excellence.
The Principal of Habari Maalum College, Jackson Kaluzi challenged us to be and to develop Leaders with Integrity.  The challenge is always how to put these good things into practice. How can you and I be obedient to what God told us under these few days together?   We all know that obedience isn’t easy. Reaching out to the unreached is difficult and can be outright scary. Making Disciples is nice to talk about. But are we making the difficult decisions on how to produce program content that verifiably produces followers of Jesus and help them grow in Him? We happily advertise ourselves as delivering with excellence. But are we continually pursuing real excellence?   Here is some food for thought on how to be obedient to God’s word and God’s voice. Revelations 12:12 states: “They triumphed over him (the accuser) by the blood of the Lamb (Christ) and by the word of their testimony.”   My advice to us all is to stay under the protection of the redeeming blood of Jesus Christ and be a living testimony of what God has done in our lives. Let us show in our daily work that our vision has expanded and we are doing things differently, with greater inspiration and pursuing new areas of ministry. If it is using new technology and media, adding new languages to our outreach mix or focusing on new geographical areas to reach with the Transforming Gospel, let us go further, faster and better by going together!    
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    Jan-Erik Nyman is the current Chairman of Africa by Radio. He has worked with IBRA Media in Africa in various capacities since 1977. Currently he holds the position of Regional Director for East, Central and Southern Africa. He has many years of experience as technician, producer, leader and trainer in the media field. In this blog he will share some personal reflections on the media situation and trends in Africa.