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AbR Media's vision is to promote and facilitate training and development that will lead to a new level of excellence in broadcasting. Africa Media Trainers forum is recognised as the training arm of AbR Media.

AbR Media is happy to promote excellent training events that will enhance Christian media. Training is achieved through partnerships with various facilities and individuals, such as:
- ICTI - International Communications Training Institute
- Distance Media
- MediAfrique
- Habari Maalum College
- Radio Worldwide
- Individual trainers training in various capacities and languages.

Africa Media Trainers

Africa Media Trainers & forum is the recognised training arm of AbR Media. AMT is a network of Christian media trainers active in Africa comprising of various training bodies and individual trainers. AMT promotes and co-ordinates quality training based on the Christian ethos. AMT supports the development of local trainers and course participants following agreed curricula.

AbR Media Training Partners

AbR Media networks with several training bodies and individuals and seeks to continually identify Christian trainers working across Africa.

Training resources

AbR Media seeks to share resources to assist our associates. We have included some training resources here and invite you to advise us of any others that you know of.